Big Art Gallery

Art is not what you see,
but what you make others see

Forging a Unique relationship between art and business

Internationally renowned artist Dr Louise Hall, a working artist and the head of the Centre for Visual Art at UKZN, and Amal Ma’ani-Hessari, an artist and designer with over 30 years International experience, have teamed up to bring you the brand-new, innovative BigArt GalleryBigArt has created an inclusive approach to the exposure of works of art by all artists, from the renowned to the newly established.

BigArt at Worq Parallel contemporary flexibility

BigArt and Worq respond to current business needs and trends by offering entrepreneurial adaptability and affordable flexibility. Worq offers business people a contemporary, flexible interpretation of office space; a unique co-working model focused on community, stimulating innovation and creativity, and empowering entrepreneurs. Dynamic professionals have the choice at Worq of hiring a desk, an office space or a board room long-term, or for a defined period of time or specific project. Similarly, BigArt offers artists a unique gallery space and opportunity for exposure to a vast array of potential buyers. At BigArt, artists have access to contemporary, adaptable and affordable space to showcase their work. In effect, artists can hire a wall or a room to profile their work, offering a new and ever-expanding audience.

BigArt gallery is a cutting edge exhibiting concept.

A piece of art can set the tone for any environment; from quaint intimate spaces, to large open lofts, or even businesses and conference rooms. We endeavour to curate and offer a fine selection of art work for the Worq environment, as well as making the pieces available for purchase by all resident members and visitors to Worq, creating a new market and bringing art and commerce closer together. BigArt will work towards organising and hosting regular exhibitions, featuring works either by a single artist or a collection of artists, helping to develop and expand upon a new form of networking for everyone involved, as well as an opportunity to purchase works of art. In addition to our consistent exhibitions, we are already building a strong online and social media presence to gain further exposure for our artists. Our website, various social media accounts and regular BigArt electronic newsletters will keep our community and network well-informed, excited and enthused about the various up-and-coming events at the BigArt Gallery.